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So far i’ve managed to decorate only 0, 000009 % of this huge house. But i’m in the process.

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Maergery Tyrell / Game of Thrones

Genetics / Make-up (items with a * are included)

Clothing (items with a * are included)

DOWNLOAD (.sim): Mediafire

DOWNLOAD (.sim) BG-Only Clothes: Mediafire

DOWNLOAD (.sims3pack): Mediafre

DOWNLOAD (.sims3pack) BG-Only Clothes: Mediafire

SLIDERS X3 (Included, I absolutely do not take credit for creating the sliders but I have included them to make it easier. All sliders used in my game are listed on my resources page.)

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Lovely pictures!

Thanks sweetie! I think I’ll have to find a lightning mod thoug, it’s a bit to bright blue right now.

Checking out a new world, yet again, Crumpelton.

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Yes even when he swims he wears his tartan.


Yes even when he swims he wears his tartan.

What a list to be part of! *feels honored*

You are all well worth it!

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That is gorgeous, I’d love to be there right now.

Thank you! I’d love to have such a place as well, especially now when autumn is upon us..

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