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Very nice lot! Looks very peaceful.

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It’s looking wonderful :-) xx

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Requires: Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets and Showtime.

Lot Size: 40 x 40

Cost: £87,817



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Finally got my game up and runing again.

Wip. Church. Can’t decide on windows, I want colored glass at the back but these feels to mundane, the landscaping is pretty much done but the inside is a long way from finnished.

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Mya and Rufus don’t know it yet, but they’re going to sell that big ole mansion that they can’t afford to furnish… and move into this beach house.

I thought it might be a nice wedding present (from me) if I furnished it first though, so I started with the kitchen.

Not sure it’s finished yet, but thought I’d share anyway.

Because I can.

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Taxi Charge Mod by Sleepy-Genius

Mod Function

With this mod, your sims will be charged for Taxi rides. Your sim will call a taxi, pay the fee accordingly, and continue to their destination as usual.


Is your sim addicted to riding taxis? Have you had enough of their free rides? Do you think Sailor Moon is the best anime ever?

Well, you’re in luck!

Starting today, you can now charge your sims for their precious taxi rides. That’s right! Surprise them like giving your cat their first bath. They will love it for sure! So whenever they call for a taxi, they will charged a fee every time.

This is a full script custom mod that took forever to code, so I’m sure it will be downloaded with love. 

 How It Works

This code is activated whenever a sim calls or uses a taxi.

If the sim has money to cover the fee, then the sim is charged, money will be taken out of the sim’s household fund, and given a positive notification before proceeding.

If the sim does not have money to cover the fee, then the sim’s charge will be added to the sim’s unpaid household bills and given a negative notification, then the taxi will proceed.

Info and Download:

Mod The Sims

 I’ve wanted this for so long.. excellent

Happy dance!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to test this yet until Enigma returns from her trip to LP. I don’t like adding new mods just before sims travel. But when she’s back…

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Marcy’s House

  • 20x20 lot
  • $16,392 | $12,144
  • 2 bd/1 ba

As requested, I’m sharing Marcy’s home in Angel City—slightly edited and more furnished, but still a starter home.

May use items from any/all EPs. I also used one palm tree from Lucky Palms. Custom content used (nothing included in the download):


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Megan’s one of my oldest sims, and also my absolute favorite. She has been tweaked countless times since I initially created her in 2011-when I first started playing.

Genetics / Make-up (items marked with a * are included)

Clothing (items marked with a * are included)

DOWNLOAD (.sim):Mediafire

DOWNLOAD (.sim) with BG Only clothes: Mediafire

DOWNLOAD (.sims3pack): Mediafire

SLIDERS X3 (Included, I absolutely do not take credit for creating the sliders but I have included them to make it easier. All sliders used in my game are listed on my resources page.)

Other Images

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Blue Hydrangea

Description: 2b, 1ba - A lovely little colorful houseboat ready to take on the canals of Dronningslund!

Download info:

Blue Hydrangea is a 14x6 lot made for Dronningslund, but can of course be placed in any world.

Protip: With a little care you can use the cheat "testingcheatsenabled true" to position the boat in the canals, just click on a point in the water and transport the houseboat past the bridges. It can be a bit tricky to get right, and sims will sail to and from the lot, which can get a bit annoying. 

Used EPs: 

World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University and Island Paradise (the same as the Dronningslund world, though I assume you’d be pretty save with just the basegame and IP installed)


The “Understated Fence” from Roaring heights (un-decrappified)

"L-shaped staircases" from the Prism Art Studio set (decrappified)

The CC package included with Dronningslund

This is a slightly cleaned-up version of Basheed’s Houseboat. There’s still some store content, but it should be easy to replace if you don’t have it/don’t want it.