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Flower Shop Set (functional) by Ladesire

Hi! Hope that you like flowers as much as I do. If so the you will like my new set. It is functional flower shop. Hope that it will bring lot of fun in your game!

Thank you for likes, reblogs and support. Happy simming to all))


Please, do not reupload. And if you want to public this set then use my link, please and give credit to my tumblr. Happy simming to all. 

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Follower’s Gift: Fort Smith Office Building (Shell)

I was really pleased with how well this one turned out and thought other people might be able to use it as well.  This is an empty building (a community lot set as “No Visitors Allowed”) that could easily be turned into all kinds of lots, or simply used as hood decor.  I tried to decorate the yard so it would fit into just about any neighborhood but left it pretty plain — feel free to tear it apart however you want.  Lot size is 50x40.

Store Content:

Windows and Municipal Wall Column from the Roaring Heights store set.

No custom content.  You may include this lot in your saved files, but please do not re-upload the lot itself.

Mediafire: Download

Box.com: Download

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The Ashby House

  • 39x28 lot
  • $68,273 | $62,571
  • 3 bd/2.5

I was building this home for my legacy family when liegt suggested a Victorian heirloom house with a secret room somewhere on the lot. I thought this folk Victorian-esque home might work for that so I added a semi-hidden room in the basement level, accessed by ladder in the back room of the barn (I’ll still be using it for my legacy family, by the way; this is the house Cordelia’s children will grow up in).

This home is unfurnished, save for appliances, as I didn’t want to redecorate for myself. The upstairs rooms have sloped ceilings, and the space beneath them is pretty usable. I tried chairs, desks and beds there and they worked without issue.

May use items from any/all EPs. Custom content used/pictured (nothing included in download):


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Ooooh, it’s already all lovely, with the birch trees, the little steps to get in! <3

Thanks sweetie *hugs*

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Welcome to Sa Pineda! - 700 followers gift - Midnight Sun Challenge World



This world is on a tiny map (256x256), It has 5 lots (1 Residential, 4 Community). No Rabbitholes included. Almost all spawners placed (except the WA ones). It includes custom INI files and recolors by me and Gelina’s lightning tweaksNo 3rd party CC!


This world is based on Costa Brava in Catalonia. The Name “Sa Pineda” means “The Pine Forest” in the Salat variety of the Catalan language.


This world has been made for the Midnight Sun Challenge. However you can also use it to take pictures, or whatever you want. You can edit the CAW files too :)

Read the rules of the Midnight Sun Challenge HERE. Download NRaas’ REGISTER MOD to disable paparazzis, wild animals, tourists, etc.


WAIPPets,Showtime and Supernatural

Having Monte Vista is important because of the trees and plants that have been used.


⇩ Sa Pineda.sims3pack (13 MB): Mediafire

⇩ Sa Pineda CAW files (16 MB): Mediafire


When sims swim in shallow water in the diving lot they rise above the water and go back to the normal level once they have left the shallow area. It doesn’t affect playability.

I hope you like the world and that you give it a try. If you have any problems or questios just message me. I can’t wait to see your pictures, I track the tags #nilxis and #sa pineda ;) Enjoy it!!

This is absolutely beautiful!

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Random Followers Gift Set IV

Maybe I should have just called this random Followers Gift III Part 2 since that’s technically what it is, but whatever. I just want to reiterate what I said earlier and thank you guys for the continued support. It really does mean a lot to me.

The art in this set is by Clare Elsaesser & Elizabeth Bauman

The rug & Pillow textures are from all over the interwebs, mostly found through Pinterest

Mesh credit goes to baufive @ b5 Studio & Mango Sims

Rectangle rugs come in sizes 2x3 & 4x3

Hope you beautiful people see something you like (ღ˘⌣˘)❛ั◡❛ัღ)

Wip. A church, sorry for the build mood pics, got inspierd after watching some movies made from books by Maria Lang, Sweden’s Agatha Christie, where there is a church everywhere….. hopefully I will finish it and be able to show you the whole thing ;)

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Unintentionally Yours … a bonus Tumblr exclusive … .

No sooner did I post the last set of rugs when I got an alert stating the new fall collections were being previewed. Wh-whaaa?! [thud]

It was not my intention to do more rugs, but there is a certain amount of compulsion involved - especially where I had rugs on the brain (clinical term) … so, that means two more sets of rugs, in two sizes, 14 styles each. That’s 28 styles and 56 rugs.


Crate & Barrel Fall 2014  |  CB2 Fall 2014

(links have both 4x3 and 2x3 sizes in both package and sim3pack formats)